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  • 2014 Softball Rule Change 2
  • 2014 Softball Rule Change
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  • Take Concussions Out of Play
  • Tracking the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • New Rules Regarding Electronic Devices Approved in High School Softball
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  • Chapter Meeting June 17, 2014

    Chapter Officer Elections were held June 17, 2014 with the following outcome:
  • President: Don Milbourn
  • Vice President: Jay Farrell
  • Secretary: Mary Sledge
  • Houston Chapter Play-Off Congratulations

    The following elected crew did an excellent job in representing the Houston TASO chapter at the State High School Softball Championship.

    1st Crew:

  • Mary Sledge
  • Monty Valka
  • Francis Alleman
  • John Scott

    The Houston TASO Umpire Handbook is a document belonging to the chapter and is currently a version 2 release. Review the handbook for grammatical errors, typographical errors, incorrect or additional information or a better way of saying the same thing. Send the edited version, MS Word, to Don Milbourn where your input will be reviewed and incorporated into the document if it is deemed to add value. This document belongs to the chapter and it is up to us to maintain and support it.

    Thank You...

    Mailto: Don Milbourn

    Official Ranking Criteria

  • Softball Official Ranking Criteria / Proficiency Education Summary Form

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