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    2014 Play-Off Eligible Officials

    Houston TASO State Representatives Selection

    At the start of the season I told you I was going to lobby, beg and whatever it took to get us back to the dance floor. (State Crew) You see we are in our third year of seven year probation. I thought the penalty was harsh. It looks like that opportunity might happen.

    Two months ago, I asked you the chapter who ever wanted to be on that Ranking committee to show up for the meeting. We had 22 members attend. Out of that I asked for guidelines and criteria, to go by on selecting the top officials. After the guidelines were put into place they were asked to put together a board to identify the top crew and the alternate to be turned in By April 10th noon. Then the 22 members selected a board of 7.

    Ranking Committee Chair: Rob Conrey, his assistance were Mary Sledge, Month Valka, Bobby Gonzales, Dave Edwards, Joe Orr and John Scott. The Ranking Committee got together this past weekend. After two hours they came up with the two crews that will represent us at state this year if it happens. The two selections were presented to the board for approval. The board approved these selections by a 6-2-1 vote. The votes were as follows.

    State Selection Meeting Minutes
    Don Milbourn: No
    Toby Tomlinson: Yes
    Curtis Call: Yes
    Joe Orr: Yes
    Rob Conrey: Yes
    Monty Valka: Yes
    Thomas Nauls: No
    Francis Alleman: Abstain
    Eli Coronado: Yes

    We need to support these groups as they represent us this year if it happens. It’s very important that we have a good showing this year. If we don’t it will be a long time before we get another opportunity. So when you see these members wish them the best, uplift them tell them you’re behind them. Next year it might be you. So I am happy to announce the following,

    1st Crew: Mary Sledge, Monty Valka, Francis Alleman and John Scott
    2nd Crew or Alternate: Toby Tomlinson, Steve Braswell, Rob Conrey and Joe Orr

    Good luck on the crews that were selected, Do us proud. Don Milbourn


    Don Milbourn



    The Houston TASO Umpire Handbook is a document belonging to the chapter and is currently a version 2 release. Review the handbook for grammatical errors, typographical errors, incorrect or additional information or a better way of saying the same thing. Send the edited version, MS Word, to Don Milbourn where your input will be reviewed and incorporated into the document if it is deemed to add value. This document belongs to the chapter and it is up to us to maintain and support it.

    Thank You...

    Mailto: Don Milbourn

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