The 2023 season begins this Saturday with scrimmages January 28, 2023:

  • We have plenty of opportunities available starting this Saturday. Contact Schedulers or Tony if you need scrimmages.

  • Coaches Corner:

  • Arbiter for Coaches

  • 2023 Houston Chapter Training – Books, ID Cards:

  • Training started, Tuesday Jan 10th, at the Trini Center beginning at 6:00 pm. Agenda in Lists-Forms.

  • 2023 Houston Chapter General Meeting January 25th:

  • There will be a Board meeting on Wednesday January 25th at the Trini Center beginning at 6:00 pm. Meeting open to all members.

  • Game Assignment:

  • Schedulers are working to assign games. Ensure you check your Arbiter account daily as well as sign up for alerts from Arbiter. This process will go on throughout the upcoming months. Dual members may accept games from your secondary chapter beginning January 28th. Update your availability in Arbiter and reach out to Schedulers for games. Many schedulers want to see you work so sign up for scrimmages from them. If you are establishing text alerts in Arbiter and have AT&T utilize the following setting as Carrier: Cricket Wireless ATT…


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